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An international hub; A world-class logistics solution. These are the terms which we would like to be best known by our clients, New Asia continuously emphasises on quality of service at first to ensure that we remain on the top spot in our industry.

Our Services.

We have prepared a host of our services for your kind perusal.


Stating international door delivery, we are serious on delivering cargo from point A to point B. Alongside our combined network of agents in every country globally, we are ready to pickup your cargo and deliver it even to the smallest hideouts.


The term 3PL refers to Third Party Logistics and New Asia currently offers these services to a host of clients. This service is mainly for manufacturers who decide to completely concentrate on their business instead of getting involved with stock count, warehousing and transportation of stock to be shipped globally or even locally to agents or suppliers.


Currently, we have built a warehouse in Port Klang and it is situated within the Port Klang Free-Trade Zone (PKFZ). Strategically located next to West Port, we currently have facilities to ensure that all your logistics & storage needs are met when requested for.

A class of its own.

We have formulated new strategies upon years of firm groundwork as well as combined experience of our work personnel. We are firm on providing top-notch services and do expect nothing lesser than that from us at New Asia.

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